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DyeThief offers high quality affordable personal security products. Created to better our local community by a Retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant with over 35 years military and policing experience. Also offering FREE Home Security Evaluations within East London and South East Essex areas.  Ideal for residents in our local communities in everyday places and situations such as: the street; the home; hotel rooms; university halls; business trips; school commutes; on holiday...the list is endless!

After 25 years policing the streets of London, at the heart of community policing, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge on personal and property security.  As an army veteran, I know what it is like to suddenly find yourself in uncomfortable situations.  Now retired, I can pass on affordable easy methods to prevent crime and keep you safe through expertly sourced, suitable items.

My most successful service is, as advertised, the YALE ALARM for £199, which as explained further on my blog is one of the best and safest brands, with the added knowledge that the extra £1 that people often leave goes into a pot whereby I install a free alarm for those in our community who are most vulnerable and in real need of them. 

Peace of mind at affordable prices for you and your loved ones. 

I also offer free home surveys within the local area in Essex should you wish to have specialist advice on your property, to highlight potentially vulnerable areas. 


If you are a member of a community group, such as Neighbourhood Watch, StreetWatch (brought to London by my team in 2015),  Women's Institute; or host community events such as coffee mornings, mother & toddler groups, student freshers fares, fetes, career events, etc.,  please contact me by email to arrange for a 'guest speaker' visit via the contact button.

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