Blink XT2 CCTV System 2020

Happy 2020 - I have finally started to install CCTV Systems...

After years of searching and having mine for the last 5 months I am happy to recommend and install the Blink XT2 CCTV System by Amazon.

The most important issue is taking the time to site and learn in the cameras and then place them in an environment that works for your property and listening to the individual’s requirements. (2 hours).

You can also place them inside your property (parents with Alzheimer’s) as will ping your phone if the heating drops below set temperature and you can speak to them via the camera.

Once they have been learnt in it is very easy to maintain them and change the batteries. There is no monthly costs and you can change the sensitivity on each device as appropriate.

One of the main reasons I like this system is that if you do have a fault you are not needing to call an engineer to resolve the issue or pay for call out fees.

DyeThief Pricing:

1 camera supplied and installed at £349

2 camera at £449

3 camera at £549.

£100 per extra camera.

Other retailers have an average cost of around £500 - £650 for a two camera system.


If at the time of installation your WiFi is not strong enough to support the cctv system, there will be no cost involved and you will not be left with devices that you have already spent out on sitting in the corner gathering dust.

Stay Safe and healthy 2020 

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