PIR Travel Alarm and Motion sensor (Burglar Alarm)
  • PIR Travel Alarm and Motion sensor (Burglar Alarm)

    Introducing an all in one security product which combines a 110dB + siren Personal Alarm with a portable PIR alarm and a handy torch. This product has a multitude of uses and provides a low cost security product which can be used as a Personal Attack Alarm when out and about but also as a working PIR alarm when at home or staying in alternative accommodation.
    When either the Attack Alarm or the PIR motion sensor are activated the combined Alarm produces a 110dB siren. Also the Alarm provides you with a torch which can be used to help find keys/locks in the dark. To activate the PIR simply pull the sliding cover down and switch on. A 30 second delay allows the user to vacate the room. Movement within 2 metres of the alarm will activate the 110dB siren. 
    Ideal for:
    - Students
    - Regular Travellers
    - Business trips
    - Single Room Occupancy Dwellers
    - Taking Abroad/Holiday travel
    - Child Safety
    - Lone workers (Nurses/Paramedics/Petrol Station workers...)
    - General confidence