Student / Travel Delux Pack
  • Student / Travel Delux Pack

    All 5 of our signature products complete in one student pack, with discount and a complimentary keyring/bottle opener, to give out the message, I am a DYETHIEF user, do not mess with me!
    Self Defence Spray - the UK legal alternative to pepper spray. Small & handy, easy to have in pocket or hand, to delay and mark any attacker.
    Door Wedge Alarm - stop unwanted people entering your room and hear when they try!
    Door lock - simple device which can be applied in seconds to almost any door. Ideal for sleepovers in student houses, cheap hotel rooms/hostels.
    Window Alarm - easy to use, particularly useful for ground floor rooms/balcony doors/or windows open for ventilation.
    PIR Motion Sensor/Panic Attack Alarm - one of the most useful tools in the pack. A mobile device, which can be carried on holiday, as well as used in student rooms. Emits a loud noise, 110dc, plus comes with handy torch. Small, compact, and doubles up as an intruder alarm for any room.