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DyeThief -So Far

We have been up and running for several weeks now and the response I have been given is terrific.

Talking with residents and explaining the benefits of taking measures to protect property and person has been most welcomed.

I have installed several CCTV cameras on residential houses, sold numerous Criminal identifier sprays with the free identifier key ring which has a great bottle opener.

I have viewed the recent crime maps in the local areas and burglary is still raising its ugly head. Please take the time to think about not only your property but that of your loved ones.

" The Horse has Bolted" springs to mind. Only when you become a victim does it really sink in.......If only!!

Christmas is coming very soon and already the nights are drawing in. If your house is in darkness and there is no visible burglar alarm box or CCTV, then you become a possible target for burglars, I know, after serving 25 years in the Police and sadly visiting many victims.

I offer my skills for free. I will visit your home and carry out a survey informing you of what you can easily do to prevent being burgled. It is up to you what you chose to do next. Not every body can afford top of the range, fully installed burglar alarm or hard wired CCTV systems, nor indeed may want them if they have pets and young children. My expertly sourced range of reliable products offers affordable options.

I can offer you visual deterrents from £15 and alarms from as little as £5. The products I have selected are tried and tested and indeed I recommended them to members of the public whilst a serving police officer.

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