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Second Blog.

Hello to all reading my second blog.

Well it has been nearly 2 months since I started DyeThief and things are well underway with regards to increasing protection for the Christmas period. DyeThief will be at the St Nicholas Christmas Market in St Nicholas Church on Saturday and I hope to see you then if you are able to drop by. It promises to be a great event and an ideal chance to treat your loved ones to a special stocking filler gift.

Christmas Market 19th November.

Saturday at 10:00

St Nicholas' Church, Long Road, Canvey Island

I have been busy particularly in the Wickford and Pitsea areas, especially as the former has been plagued by a small team committing numerous burglaries. I am pleased to say Essex arrested a young 12 year old and his accomplice who they believe are responsible for the spike in the last month or so.

I have installed several alarms with cctv coverage and at the same time sold multiple PIR personal attack alarms that double up as an intruder alarm.

The biggest and most frustrating thing is getting local councils and police forces to recognise that on an advisory level, I can assist with information for personal and home security. Their resources are either non-existent or extremely stretched, and as a former Police Safer Neighbourhood sergeant, I have the knowledge and integrity to complement their approaches to crime. I offer a free home security survey, not necessarily promoting my own products, but advising the home owner on all sorts of simple strategies - even simply double locking the rear and front door!

I had a long and productive meeting with the creator of Crimewatch Wickford and as they have over three and a half thousand members, then hopefully my message will reach those who are in need of advice or security care.

If you are reading this and are a NHW coordinator or indeed involved in making your area a safer place to live, then invite me to one of your meetings as a guest speaker for the benefit of all.

I am aiming to blog in December, in the meantime stay safe and look out for the community you live in.

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