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Journey so far:

Hello all,

This is only my third blog but an awful lot has happened since my second blog.

So - I believed that most people would be content with a dummy alarm box and stand alone motion sensors! How wrong was I !!!!!!!

Last November a good friend of mine asked if I could help fit a Yale wireless alarm. I attended his home address and together we got the alarm installed and working fine. Unbeknown to me his good wife posted a message on Facebook informing everyone how pleased she was with the new alarm and praised me for the job I had done.

The next day I awoke to numerous private messages asking me if I could install an alarm at their addresses and how much would I be charging. I was delighted in replying " Yes of course, £149 is the price for the alarm and installation".

Before I had time to blink i was inundated with people requesting that I fit an alarm at their address but also at their siste'rs, aunt's, cousin's, mum's e.c.t.

I have been so busy since that day installing alarms and am thrilled to know that members of the public have the confidence and trust in me to deliver a first class service to them.

Most people pay £150 and allow me to keep the pound. That pound and any tips I make goes into a fund that I use to supply and install for free, to residents that are in dire need of an alarm but cannot afford one. I do this by contacting the administrators of each crime page on Facebook and they nominate an individual.

This has proved to be a real success in bonding the community and making individuals aware that there are people out there "who do care".

I have to say a big thank you to individuals such as Sarah Keevil and Clare Gregory who set up Crimewatch Wickford who now have 4,901 members and have seen a significant decrease in burglaries since the creation.

Also, a thank you to Kathy Bancroft McGowan and all the other people behind the scenes for their hard work and dedication to informing their communities of crime trends and other important information.

Not only do I supply and install the alarms I offer an after service at no cost to the individual other than the replacement batteries and a fiver for diesel.

I have kept my word and been to dozens of addresses since pre installation for one reason or the other. I also offer my advice on other issues with my knowledge base of 26 years policing experience.

Honour and pride is is so important to me when I visit addresses throughout Essex and share my knowledge with you all, along side being trustworthy and reliable.

I have started to share via Facebook other devices that are on the market out there to combat burglary and will continue to do so ( i do this using my name Kenneth Mcnish ) I will ponder the thought of using Dyethief but am unsure how the administrators will view this.

Please share this blog if you believe it is of any help

Until the next blog - Stay safe and "Prepare to Protect"

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