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Combined Home and Vehicle Burglar Alarm

Blog 4

Hello all,

DyeThief has now been up and running for approximately 4 months now.

I have had the pleasure of fitting alarms in Wickford , Basildon, Pitsea, Vange, Canvey, Stanford Le Hope, Benfleet, Thurrock, Ilford, Upminster, Cranham, Hornchurch, Haroldhill, and many more locations.

The one common theme I have encountered is the resilience of all the residents I have spoken to.

They refuse to do nothing and are willing to take precautions to prevent them selfs being a victim of burglary.

What's really making a difference are the people running the crime watch pages, and involving everybody in the community to what is occurring in their neighbourhood. Especially the police supporting the Wickford crime group!!! Good Effort Essex Officers.

If any one wants a template to work from then look no further than the award winning group via Facebook - Wickford crime watch.

I have also seen, firsthand, how lonely people can become, especially when they have lost their partner. One gentleman told me he had almost lost his voice since his wife died ten years ago and because he has no children he speaks only when he goes shopping every fortnight ( bless him ).

On a more positive note, I am so thrilled to have discovered how to link the house alarm up to residents vehicles, especially vans!

The amount off tradesmen who have had their livelihood taken from them really hit home to me when I spoke with a resident who told me he had given up! after his van was broken into for a third time and all his tools were stolen and the insurance did not pay out.

That encounter I had with him really upset me, as the bloke was in his fifties and I could see he was a beaten man. That encounter led me to discovering combining both the home and numerous vehicles to the one Burglar Alarm. I popped in to see him today and his eyes shone again as I thanked him for helping me to think outside the box. I just hope he can now pick up from where he left off.

Remember any precaution that you take will benefit you in the long run. Even a dummy alarm box is better than nothing.

Explore all options and remember that by speaking with your neighbours and communicating with them with the common aim of reducing crime where you live will unite you to putting off suspects entering your neighbourhood at your expense. Plus, the lonely neighbours will not be so quite alone.

Take care - " Prepare to Protect"

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