35-40 Free No Cost Alarms 2016-2017

An update on the period from 2016-2017.

DyeThief has had an incredible year and with the support of several crime Watch pages (Essex Crime and CrimeWatch Wickford). Together with Essex residents, we have supplied and fitted at no cost to members of the public (who are either vulnerable or in financial hardship) 35 to 40 Yale alarms.

Thank you to all those who understand the ethos behind DyeThief and to the serving Police Officers who have been supportive of the bigger picture.

Right from the very beginning we established that not all residents can afford an expensive alarm system or expensive cctv. DyeThief really is a deterrent-solo business and its aim is to give advice to members of the public, to provide knowledge and direction with regards to protecting homes and property.

Honesty and integrity are two of our core values with the third being " Peace of mind at an affordable price".

DyeThief makes it very clear that the Yale alarms are DIY systems that can be purchased from any DIY store and can be installed by the majority of people.

They retail for around £109 down to £75 depending on what companies are pricing them at during various times of the year. Insurance companies do not generally endorse these. DyeThief is not competing with the higher priced, larger alarm companies. It is unique in its approach, what it offers and who it is offering it to.

The way it works is for every 10 alarms installed, DyeThief puts £10 of that aside and when it has sufficient funds, DyeThief contacts the administrators of each FaceBook Crime Page and invites them to nominate a vulnerable individual. A day and time is agreed and an alarm is installed at no cost to that individual. Quite often, if the case merits it, additional items are also included at no cost such as a key fob or criminal identifier spray.

One of the reasons that DyeThief is becoming so popular is that of the reviews left by individuals on the DyeThief Facebook web page (117 five star ***** reviews).

What is incredible is the fact that on many occasions customers want to endorse this unique scheme by donating extra money to help those vulnerable individuals who might not be in a position to afford an alarm. However, DyeThief's success is not just about the money but it is also the fact that members of the public have an individual who they can trust coming into their homes for crime advice and help.

There are two people operating with the installation of these alarms, myself (36 years combined service with the British Army and Metropolitan Police) and a trusted respected friend by the name of Les who I have vetted and trust completely. Les dedicates his time and expert engineering advice to help this unique venture reach the people who need it.

This year DyeThief was also invited to give a presentation to the Havering NHW Coordinators yearly meeting on the borough of Havering. Also at the request of serving Met police officers, DyeThief has installed no-cost alarms to several victims of burglary on the same day the request has been made.

The after-service is something that we are very proud of and offer a no-cost revisit if there are any unforeseen issues (normally mice!).

There are better security systems out there but for the price of £149 supplied and fitted and the advice we give, I believe we have started to make more individuals realise how inexpensive and easy it is to have an alarm. People who otherwise would not have invested in their home security, are now finding peace of mind and comfort in this form of protection.

I would just like to say to Essex Residents that 99% of you have been fantastically supportive both verbally and by leaving reviews that are breathtaking to read and that inspires me to continue into the new year 2018.

Remember " Prepare to Protect"

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