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Combined Home and Vehicle Alarm

Combined Home and Vehicle Alarm

Hello everyone.

Firstly if you are looking to add a key fob to the HSA6200 Alarm please follow these instructions.

Press the left top red button (A) followed by your PIN number.

Press A followed by button 2 (alarm should bleep )

Press A followed by button 4 (bleep)

Now Press the top button on the key fob ( bleep )

Press A followed by 5 (bleep )

Press A followed by 3 ( bleep )

Finally Press the bottom right blue/green button several times and wait for the green light to disappear.

TaTaTaTa should now be learnt into the Alarm.

Please keep in mind that you can Alarm your home and vehicles at the same time through the one system.

If possible please inform anyone you know who have work vans who’s livelihood is invested in the tools they have in their vans and make them aware of this.

Once again the generosity of Essex residents still amazes me with many giving donations up to £20 towards the vulnerable no cost alarms.

With the support if all the FACEBOOK Crime pages and those administrators we are making an impact in supporting those who lack any other type of backup.

An event to be held on the 11th April 2018 at My PLace in Dagenham Park Drive starting at 4pm is the HAROLD HILL SECURITY FAIR.

This is an event hosted by the community for the community.

Please be vigilant out there.

Prepare to Protect.


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